Glad to see you checking out my homepage! 
Let's get acquainted! :)

Arts & crafts - these are the things that I've been doing since I remember my self. Then, back in 2008, besides studies of fine arts at the Art Academy of Latvia, I also discovered a field of tourism - to me one is enriching another!

Being an enthusiastic tour guide, I really enjoy creating & delivering authentic experience of Riga, Latvia - place that I proudly come from (most beautiful place in the world, of course!) to its guests, therefore in 2018 I launched my own creative company: "Make My Riga" .

One of the things I enjoy myself when travelling is meeting "real", local people... since you have landed here, you are most welcome to browse through and let's get acquainted!  :) 

 One day I was invited to share my personal story on the Latvian Radio 1 program  "Monopols" You are welcome to listen to it here (in Latvian).

Or read an interview for the UK online magazine BUBBLE, where I answer questions about the process of becoming a freelance tour guide (in English